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     Welcome to Posh Pet Salon!

  I specialize in grooming small and medium-sized dogs under 30lbs. 

 I love my extended doggie families some of which have been clients for more than 20 years. It is truly an honor to care for your pets, I appreciate you and your trust.

    If your dog will be getting a haircut with me please allow about 2 hours so that I can wash, dry and style the hair to your exact specifications. I can text you as soon as your pet is ready for pick up. I am rarely ever running behind in my salon.

It is greatly appreciated that you pick your pet up promptly when grooming is completed. I am sure your pet would much rather be back home with you even though they may love me. I do not offer daycare services.


      I provide a calm cage-free environment, Air Conditioning in summer and central heating in winter. It has been my experience that when pets are not caged or boxed they feel calmer and are cooler as well. It seems like they feel they are just hanging out with me.  Since I am always around them they usually just chill. This does not mean the pets are running loose thru the salon. Some pets may not like others so all dogs are restrained in a safe yet effective “cage-free” manner.

      I care about the happiness of your pet I find that If pets are happy, they are calm and that lets the other pets know there is no reason to be nervous or have anxiety. With that said… I may refuse to groom overly anxious pets that have serious separation anxiety or are aggressive with handling or other dogs.

      A clean environment is as important to me. Floors, walls, tubs, and grooming utensils are sanitized every day after grooming and in between when necessary. If your dog needs special products that your vet recommends, bring them in with your dog and I will follow your directions for use.

   Pricing is by weight and coat type as well as the time involved in specific styles etc.  I use a professional veterinary scale to weigh pets accurately which has the added bonus of knowing if your pet has gained or lost weight between visits. 

See You Soon~



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