Welcome to Posh Pet Salon!  I specialize in grooming small and medium-sized dogs.  I opened Posh Pet Salon in 1995 and for over 22 years I have cultivated, nurtured and developed a wonderful customer base, many whom have been coming to Posh Pet Salon with their 4 legged family members for the entire 22+ years. I originally groomed all breeds of dogs and cats but due to the growth of my business and my desire to work without employee's I decided it is best to limit myself to just one specialty. I now only groom Small & Medium sized dogs weighing 30 lbs or less. If your pet gets fat and goes over 30 lbs don't worry, I will still be his/her groomer (Muah!) Were in this together. I love my extended doggie families and it is truly an honor to care for your pets!


About Posh Pet Salon….

    If your dog will be getting a haircut with me please allow 2-3 hours so that I can wash, dry and style the hair to your exact specifications. For those dog owners that desire super fast grooming due to anxiety, older or frail pets or if you don't drive and need to wait (or any other reason)  no worries! I can groom as fast as you would prefer even a full bath & haircut in an hour or less however you will need to specify this in person when making your appointment (not online booking) so that I can choose the best time of day to accommodate you, usually late in the day as mornings are very busy. 

I am rarely ever running behind in my salon and therefore know pretty accurately how long I will need your pet to stay with me however most clients like me to call or text message when pets are ready for pickup, that way you can come and pick up your pet as soon as it’s grooming is completed.


Please note that it is greatly appreciated that you pick your pet up promptly when grooming is completed. I am sure your pet would much rather be back home with you even though they may love me and my salon I do not offer daycare services and prefer not to need to stop grooming to take pets out for potty breaks etc (unless its an emergency)


      At Posh Pet Grooming Salon I provide a calming cage-free environment, with controlled temperatures, Air Conditioning in summer and central heating in cold winter. Although many dogs are crate trained and pet owners do crate their pets it has been my experience that when pets are not caged or Boxed (at least here in Posh Pet Salon) they feel calmer and are kept cooler as well. It seems like they feel they are just hanging out with me and not caged like well... an animal. Since I am always around them they usually just chill. Don’t be worried as this does not mean the pets are running loose thru the salon. Some pets may not like others so all dogs in Posh Pet Salon are restrained in a safe yet effective “cage-free” manner.

      At Posh Pet Salon I care about the health and happiness of your pet while it is here for their “Spa Day”. I find that If pets are happy, they are calm and that lets the other pets know there is no reason to be nervous or have anxiety. With that said… I may have to refuse to groom some pets who seem overly anxious, have serious separation anxiety or are aggressive with handling or other dogs. if I feel it is the best choice for our safety or the health and safety of your pet and others we will let you know as soon as we are sure of that decision.     

      A clean environment is as important to me as it is to your pet.  Being always on the ground pets accumulate a multitude of debris, allergens, crud, and yuck tracking them all into our homes and of course, it goes without saying they suffer reactions from it as well in the form of itching, scratching and discomforts. That's why I feel it is my duty to keep Posh Pets as clean as possible. Floors, walls, tubs, and grooming utensils are sanitized every day after grooming and in between when necessary. That's my personal commitment to you & your pet as a pet care professional. If your dog needs special products that your vet recommends, bring them in with your dog and I will follow your directions for use.

     When your pet is here in my salon, I treat them as if they are a special guest. I want them to LOVE me so they will be calm and enjoy their Salon stay each time.

Pricing is by weight and coat type as well as the time involved in specific styles etc.  I use a professional veterinary scale to weigh pets accurately which has the added bonus of knowing if your pet has gained or lost weight between visits. 

See You Soon!