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Let's Get Creative with COLORS!

Hair coloring is an add on to a grooming service and the cost varies depending on how much product your desired design will need and also the time for application, I prefer to do what I call a "Throb" of color which is the tip of the tail or the ends of ears or a colorful topknot or mohawk but there are many other more creative designs (small) I love to do that are tasteful and cute not gawdy and overbearing. Were POSH right?! ;P

Important Stuff: The pet dyes I use are made from plant and fruit ingredients. It is completely non-toxic and non-irritating.

These products are specially designed for pet hair and contains nutritional hair protection components. It can not only dye, but also improve the health of hair. After dyeing, it has a hair protective layer, which can prevent thermal damage and reduce the damage of ultraviolet rays to pet skin. We are not going to use it on the whole pet though Only small, designated designs but it's best to be careful.

Let's get creative together and make your pet Unique!


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