Winter In Wine Country Grooming

Now that winter is setting in here in Lovely Wine Country, It's time to think about our winter grooming schedule. Although some of us will continue on oiur regular schedule and book salon appointments 6 weeks apart, some of us with chuhuahua's, pomeranian's, and other less high maintanence coated breeds will back off to just every couple months.

What is important to remember is that although we are letting coats grow out for much appreciated warmth, we still need to maintain toe nails, ear hair and glands on a regular schedule.

Walk in nail trimming takes only a few minutes so stop by and browse our boutique while your waiting for your pet. We now have Seawater Bathworks line of lotions and soaps for people that is as delicious smelling as it is skin protecting of winter parched hands & lips. We also have Olive's Apothecary line of dog shampoo'd for those times when you must wash at home.

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