Hey twinkle toes! Let's talk Mani-Pedi's ;)

We all dislike having our pets toe nails scratch up our wood floors, doors and god forbid our skin Geeze Louise...so lets trim those things already. I know I know it seem's like we just had them trimmed and they are back long again. Well here's the thing...They Grow! And they will only wear down on their own if your dog has cute plump little paw pads that cause him/her to roll onto it's tippy toes as he walks or runs. For all others they walk on the back of their pads and the tips barely touch the floor uh...accept whrn it's your wood floor that is :(. Just try to remember to stop by at Posh Pet Salon the beginning or the end of each month for a quick dremel. It takes 3-4 minutes tops I promise and sometimes there's treats <3 <3

#limitededition #book #PetGrooming #toenailtrimming #Paws #manipedi #scratching

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